Queer life is relevant. Let’s make a book out of it.

International BuchLab (5-10 May 2019)

This uplifting week will take place in Waldschlösschen, a German forest manor near Göttingen. It is a vibrant international meeting place for the LGBTQ* communicty.

Stories including serveral languages? Doesn’t work! Or maybe? Join our International BuchLab and see for yourself. Together we will write down different, individual, queer stories, and interweave them so that they can become part of our 'collective memory´.

The BuchLab will start in a small round with an evening of getting to know each other and exchange of (own) texts, writing styles and writing habits. The aim is it to define a common writing direction in small groups or together.
As in our previous BuchLab (which had German authors) we want to track down the ´other´ experiences, which shape and have shaped our queer spheres of life. Together, we will embark on a transnational writing journey, connecting different languages in collective texts.To get in the mood for this common writing journey, we will circulate transnational stories and texts of the participants beforehand.

At the end of the week we will publish the newly written texts in a collaborative book. Participants can take home the book hot off the press next to new experiences, ideas and texts.

The communication language will be mainly in English, but this needn’t be your writing language. People experienced in writing and writing enthusiasts are welcome!

Check here for more information and enrolment, or simply email us at info@waldschloesschen.org.