Capturing unputdownable realities

The BuchLab travel guide

Softcover, 52 pages
14,8 x 21 cm

€ 10

ISBN 978-3-937977-13-9

Writing reveals our identities, our lives and our dreams. We started a one-week writing journey with a small group of writers to explore those truths. At the end of this week, we were able to hold in our hands an insightful, poignant book fresh off the press and filled with their stories.

We went on several journeys with queer writers, with mainstream society as our destination. These collections of stories have since found a nationwide audience for its diverse depiction of queer lives, and what began as an experiment has proved to be an invaluable creative, personal experience for its participants.

We recorded our process and observations in this practical guide, which may also prove valuable for those working with other minorities. It is a travel companion to set out your own writing journey.

Share your stories and bring in your imagination!

Casje Griesel

Studies Literary Writing and Editing (M.A.) in Hildesheim, Germany and holds a BA in German Studies and Gender Studies.

Mio Lindner

A writer and explorer, travelling between worlds. He has a BA Creative Writing and a Master of Research in Transnational Writing from Bath Spa University, UK.

Bram Vermeer

A Dutch journalist, international author and publisher based in Amsterdam.