Nine authors depict their queer worlds

Layers of naked

Softcover, 108 pages
12 x 19 cm

€ 10

ISBN 978-94-93149-02-1

These stories tell about woe and worry, longing and belonging, rejection and inclusion. The stories embrace layers of gender and identity. They lay bare the realities which shape queer lives. The nine authors have embarked on a joint transnational writing journey, connecting different European cultures. They spinned Diskokugel and unpacked regalos. They wrote this book in one intense week of encounter and exchange in a German forest. In their stories they forge their experiences into exciting narratives. That makes this book relevant, revealing and unputdownable.

This book is the second of the 'BuchLabs Series', a joint initiative of AWS and Uitgeverij Oostenwind, with the support of the European Cultural Foundation. This second book was also supported by the Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung.

The authors

Caroline Ausserer
Niu Borge
Jona Brink
né Fink
Anna Gulczyńska
Anna Heger
Karim Kehrwieder
Benjamin Löhmke
Wim Rooth